Congrats!  You've taken the first step toward Homeownership!

Let's first explain the difference between Loan PreQualification and Loan PreApproval.

PreQualification means the lender has obtained some info and has a "rough idea" of how much a borrower is qualified to borrow.  

PreApproval occurs when the lender has actually reviewed the borrower's financials and will offer a loan for specified loan limit.  PreApproval is much more reassuring and appealing, especially from a seller looking at multiple offers from buyers.  We will make sure you're PreApproved and ready to begin your home search. 

To obtain PreApproval, the following documents may be needed:

1.  Picture ID

2.  Recent paystub last 30 days

3.  W2 and Federal Tax Returns for last 2 years, all schedules

4.  Bank statements (checking, savings, investment, retirement) for all accounts that will be used to purchase the property, all pages required

*Other items may be required if you are;  Self Employed, Veteran, Retired, Divorced, have investment properties, etc.

You can contact us to get more info, setup an appointment to meet or apply online here:  

Phone:  (808) 551-5495